Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Best Nursing Bra...kind of

I've decided there's really no such thing as the perfect nursing bra.  Basically, you need to decide which aspects of a nursing bra are the most important to you and start there because you will never find one that has it all (at least not for us busty, Italian women).  For me, I couldn't imagine going back to work (or out in public anymore) with a wireless bra.  When you're an F cup, it just doesn't work! 

I've been through my fair share of nursing bras in the last five months, and even a few more since my last post.  Some of them I still use daily.  As soon as I get home from work, or if I'm just hanging around the house, I make sure to put on a wireless bra to help the ladies breath.  I also sleep in a sleep nursing bra at night. 

But I think I've finally found the best "out in public" bra for me.  It lifts, it shapes, it doesn't spread the ladies out to the side too much.  It also does a very good job of stretching with my every expanded breasts throughout the day.  But of course, if it looks good, it doesn't always FEEL good.  

This bra took a little getting used to...the material is a little itchy at first (until you wear it in a bit) and the band digs a little bit (again, until you wear it in).  And it's not the easiest bra to fold down when you need to nurse, but it DOES provide easier access then a regular bra and infinitely better shape and lift then any other nursing bra I've seen.  Besides, you really can't expect a bra with this much shaping to just flop down when you need to nurse.  

And let's face it...we're isn't always easy!

So, without further ado, I present...

The Sexy Mama Nursing Bra from Le Mystere

Just a tip, I get mine from Amazon.  And if you're a soon-to-be or new mom stocking up on baby supplies, you'll enjoy free two-day shipping with Amazon Mom (free of charge and it keeps getting extended with every "baby" purchase you make).  I buy almost everything from Amazon now...wipes, diaper cream (Triple Paste is a godsend), milk pills (Motherlove for those nursing ladies out there), pump name it, Amazon has it and, usually cheaper then anywhere else (except diapers...believe it or not, I've found Babies R' Us to be the cheapest in that department).

Now, if I could just find a good sports bra...

Happy 5 Month Birthday Baby!

My little boy turned 5 months old this week!  I can't believe how fast he's growing.  Lately, it seems like he gets bigger or smarter or more mobile with each week. 

We don't have another doctor's appointment until next month, so I don't have any new stats for you, but I do have plenty of milestones...including a new fascination with his feet!

 "O crap, I'm falling"

"Look Ma...I got them both"

"If I could just get it in my mouth..."

"I think I just pooped..." 

Look at the difference!

Here goes...

You are officially into 6-9 month clothes and have grown out of most of the socks we have for you.  This kid is going to be taller then me by the time he's 12.

You're in size 3 diapers.  We switched you a couple of weeks ago due to you consistently blowing out of your diapers at least once, but sometimes multiple, times a day.

You still love your bath every helps to calm you down and give you some daddy time before you go to bed.

You're still nursing like a champ...During the week, I nurse you when you first wake up and at bedtime and you get bottles during the day at daycare.  You just increased the amount you consume at daycare and are generally taking about 20 ounces a day, plus whatever you get from me.  We have figured out that, when you get a bottle in the morning or at night during the week, you take just about 8 oz each time.  I still exclusively nurse on the weekends.

You are still sleeping through the about 7pm you are begging for your bath, dinner and to be rocked.  During the week, I usually have to wake you up in the morning (at about 5:45am).  On days when you don't get woken up, you generally wake up between 6-7am, but don't start whining until about 7am.

You now reach for things all the time, including toys, your jumperoo, my name it.

On July 29, you started trying to sit up just about anytime we had you leaning on something or laying down.

On July 30, you rolled over from your back to your belly by pulling on your activity mat, but you couldn't seem to get your arm out from under you.  On August 7, you rolled over without any help...which we both unfortunately missed (one minute you were on your back, we turn around for a second, and all of a sudden your grunting on your belly!!  Those are the only times you've rolled over, but I'm hoping you'll start making a habit of it soon.

That same day was when I noticed you getting super talkative, as well as beginning to chew on EVERYTHING...from that point on you always have your fingers in your mouth. In the beginning you only used to talk when you had your fingers in your mouth.  I think you either liked the feel of your tongue or the vibration in your mouth when you were talking.

Also on that same day, you figured out what Sophie the Giraffe was really slobber and chew on!

As of August 1, you started grabbing your feet almost every time your diaper was being changed, but especially first thing in the morning. This makes for some interesting diaper changes, especially considering those are usually your dirtiest diapers.  You also grabbed my arm to chew on a few times.

Starting about August 7, you had about a week where you were very stuffy during the night and in the mornings.  You still slept great, but we could hear you snoring through the monitor all night.  So, I finally broke out the Nosefrida and started sucking away every morning.  Before you all get grossed out, there is a filter and NO WAY the boogers can make it into my mouth.  We've been running the humidifier at night since.

Since this past weekend, you have made a habit of trying to get your toes into your mouth.  And as of today, anytime your teacher at daycare put socks on you, you pulled them off.

For awhile now, you have only slept on your right side.  We were very careful to always put you down on your right side, so you wouldn't wake up...and you would always wake up if you wound up on your back or left side.  But the last few days, I've watched you sleep on your right side, your back and now your left side, throughout the night (thanks to my handy dandy video monitor that I LOVE).