Wednesday, December 21, 2011

9 months

This kid is getting HUGE...and silly...

Felix's next doctor's appointment isn't until we get back from Ohio next week, but he's hovering right around 20 lbs based on our last "sick" visit to the doctor.  Speaking of...Felix had his first ear infection a few weeks ago...right around Thanksgiving.  He's also FINALLY teething.  I can see those two little bottom nubs just begging to break through...or maybe that's just wishful thinking!

Here are some of the milestones/tidbits I can remember, but they're becoming so many, it's hard to remember them all.  I need to start making my notes again every time I see/hear a new one!
  • The last couple days, he has become much more mobile.  He has been rolling/scooting around the room for awhile now, but he's gotten fast lately.  
  • He's SO close to crawling, but still not sure he'll do it.  I still say he'll get right up and walk away one day.
  • He grabs my fingers, lifts himself to standing and then sits back down again and repeats.  At least he won't wind up screaming when he doesn't know how to sit down from standing
  • I'm convinced he says Momma and Dadda with more purpose now...Momma whenever he gets hurt, doesn't feel good or is hungry or tired and Dadda the rest of the time.
  • We are trying to get him on more of a schedule as far as his eating is concerned.  Since he was born, we've very much just followed his cues on eating/napping.  Napping is still completely up in the air, but getting better, usually getting a nap every morning and afternoon on the weekends (time varies widely).  Daycare is trying to help us set up an eating schedule.  Not sure I like how it is now, but it's all trial and error right?  Right now, during the week, he has a bottle at about 6:30am, oatmeal/cereal and fruit at about 830-9am, bottle at 11 am, lunch (fruit and veggie mix) around 12-1pm, a bottle at around 2-3pm, dinner (veggies/meat) around 6pm and a bottle just before bed around 730-8pm.  Kids a big eater!
  • He loves anything "adult."  Whenever we're out and a tantrum comes at an inopportune time, you just need to give him something adult...a bracelet me or scott is wearing, a sealed bottle of seltzer, etc.
  • Felix HATED santa.  We took him to sears where there were a lot less kids/less of a line and a GREAT santa.  Santa walked around, introducing himself to all the kids before the photos started.  Felix stared at him for a good couple of minutes, not sure what to make of him, before going into total meltdown mode out of nowhere...made for a great picture though!
  • He's much better at opening presents then we thought he'd be.  Takes him some time, and you need to take away each piece of wrapping paper as he rips it off, so that he keeps going, but not bad.  I still wrapped all his presents in tissue paper for christmas, just to help him out a bit.
  • Felix never took a pacifier, but has taken to sucking/chewing on rags instead.  He can't go to sleep/nap without one.
  • HATES having his nose wiped.
  • He got his first big boy car seat.  We still keep the infant seat in my car, since he only drives in it to/from daycare (and not even every day, if Scott is working from home).  It's been great for Scott's car so far.  Took a little getting used to, since he can't really see us in his headrest mirror anymore because the seat is so much bigger and sits so much higher.
  • Babbles ALL the it!
  • He claps his feet...he's been doing this for awhile, but it's still hysterical.
  • He makes kissy/fish faces.
  • He blows kisses or smacks his lips together.
That's all I've got right now.  We're leaving at 2am tomorrow morning (tonight) for Ohio for Christmas.  We're hoping Felix will sleep at least 3-4 hours in the beginning...IF we can get him into the car without him waking up! 

Happy Holidays everyone!!