Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Felix's First Thanksgiving

As I mentioned in the 8 month post below, Felix had a nasty cold and ear infection last week...but that didn't stop him from enjoying his first Thanksgiving and even trying a little piece of turkey!


Scott also made his first Turducken, which he's been dying to make for awhile now.  It was absolutely delicious...definitely the best tasting turkey I've ever had.  It even looked like a real turkey once we put it all together:

We also got to see exactly what our oven was capable of.  We had no idea we had a convection roaster option, which cooked the Turducken in a fraction of the time...even though it did set the smoke alarm off for a little while.
Unfortunately, Felix didn't get any pictures with Grandma and Pop Pop, but there were plenty of pictures with his favorite aunts!

Next up...Christmas with the Bouchards!  That's right...we'll be heading out to Ohio for Felix's first Christmas to spend some time with Grandma, Pepere, Uncle Dan, Aunt Nicole and Grayson...can't wait!

Best Picture EVER!

I can't believe I forgot to post this picture when it was taken.  A few weeks ago, Scott's brother Alan came to visit one night and spend some time with Felix...

Proof he is his father's son...

Ok...to be fair, this was taken last week when he was sick and super stuffy.

8 Months

This little boy....

...is not so little anymore!

I can't believe the year is almost over!

I have definitely seen the biggest changes in Felix over the last couple of weeks.  He is MUCH more vocal and studies things more than he ever has before.

Still no teeth.  He keeps having these weeks where he chews on everything and grinds his gums together, but then it goes away.  I, myself, did not get a tooth until I was EIGHTEEN months old...let's pray I don't pass that one on to my son!

Still no crawling, but I have a feeling he's going to go right to walking...someday.  It doesn't help that he's figured out how to get to what he wants by rolling, scooting and folding himself in half to reach things (I, unfortunately, passed my long torso and short legs on to my son).

We also made it over 8 months before Felix had his first ear infection.  Unfortunately, that fell right about the same time as Felix's first Thanksgiving.  Luckily, the one day he seemed to be in the least amount of pain last week was Thanksgiving Day.  He came down with a nasty cold and ear infection earlier that week and still has the remnants of a cough, but is 100% better now.  Unfortunately, he passed it onto Scott who, in turn, passed it on to me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my body fights it off before it gets any worse.

Felix's next check-up isn't for another month, but he was weighed (albeit, with his clothes and diaper on) when we took him to the doctor  last week and came in at about 19 lbs 7 oz.

I'm convinced this kid was born with what I like to call the "vroom vroom" gene.  He loves anything with wheels, especially trucks.  We bought him a little ride on CAT truck at Costco this weekend, that also came with a smaller CAT truck, some large Legos and a tool kit.  I've never seen him so interested in anything.

Felix has started dancing, which is absolutely adorable.  Of course, he does it while sitting and just rocks side to side on his butt anytime he hears music he likes.

A few weeks ago, Felix started shaking his head "no".  If you say "no" to him or shake your head, he'll do it right back.  And if you nod your head and say "yes"...well, he'll still shake his head no.  But he's getting there!

He is also starting to imitate a lot more...he smacks his lips and does fish faces when I do them...most of the time.

And for awhile there, I actually got him to say Momma.  I just kept repeating "Momma Momma Momma" to him and he, eventually, started saying it back.  Whether or not he really knows what it means, we'll never know.  BUT for about a week straight, anytime he wanted anything, he would keep saying it over and over and over and over...guess it's a sign of things to come!

Best of all...Felix has learned how to hug.  It gives me goosebumps every time he does it!

We have also been Skyping every couple of weeks with Felix's Aunt Nicole, Uncle Dan and cousin Grayson.  This last time he got very excited, but he's changed so much in the last couple of weeks, I'm excited to see how he reacts the next time.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Felix's First Halloween...

was CANCELLED!!  Thanks to the freak snow storm we had that dumped 15" on us 2 days before Thanksgiving.  At least it's been in the 50s all week, so the snow is slowly melting.  But the majority of the area still has no power, including Felix's daycare.  Luckily, my office was closed yesterday and they are really great about letting us work from home when needed. 

We took Felix to Sears to take some pro pics for our new photo wall.  They did such a fantastic job...especially considering this kid never gives anyone the benefit of the doubt and grills them for a ridiculous amount of time before ever cracking a smile.  But the girl was able to get him smiling in just 5 minutes!

We dressed Felix up before bed and walked next door to our neighbors house to show him off for a few before bed.  

A couple days before Halloween me and my sister-in-law realized our kids had the same unplanned Halloween costumes...adorable!!  I wish we lived closer together so the boys could hang out more.  We'll be going out there for Christmas, which will be so much fun, since Felix should be more mobile and able to play with his cousin.  In the meantime, our Skype dates will have to do!

7 Months

I know, I know...late again...

  • You now sit up without any wavering, unless you want to lay yourself on the ground.  But, you still can't get yourself to a seated position when you're laying down.
  • Since you've started sitting up, you have no desire to be on your belly or crawl, which drives your father crazy!
  • Still no teeth, but you're definitely slobering and chewing on everything lately.
  • You are now into fruits...you've tried bananas and applesauce so far...surprisingly, you have not taken to fruits as well as you did to veggies.  It took several days for you to warm up to bananas and you have not enjoyed your applesauce the last couple of days.  Next up is probably peaches or pears.
  • We made the mistake of feeding you bananas at night the first time you tried fruit.  You were bouncing off the walls until about 11pm and didn't sleep well at all that night.  From now on, you only get fruit in the mornings with your oatmeal!
  • A few days ago, you learned to shake your head "no."  You even respond by shaking your head whenever we say the word "no"...most of the time.  You can't yet nod your head "yes," but you do respond to "yes," by raising your chin a little higher when you shake your head.
  • Maybe not the most glamorous thing, but your poop is much harder now...to the point where you have been whiny and uncomfortable while pooping and want to be changed immediately.  This is a big change, since you never let on when you had a poopy diaper before, so we always had to check.  O, and you STINK now with all the food you've been eating! 
  • You are now wearing mostly 6 or 9 month clothing, but are even in some 12 month.  We've started buying 12 month clothes.  They may be a little big now, but they'll fit you for a lot longer.  You are in all 12 month PJs, since you wake up if your PJs pull even the slightest bit.  
  • We've stopped giving you a bath every night, so that your body can develop its on oils, etc. and so you don't NEED a bath in order to go to sleep.  We generally try to bathe you every other night, unless something comes up.
  • You have started dancing to music (whether from the TV, radio or a toy) by swaying your body from one butt cheek to the other. 
  • Your first Halloween was CANCELLED due to the freak snow storm that dumped 15" of snow on us 2 days before Halloween.  Some surrounding towns postponed it, but our actually cancelled it.  They opened up the mall for trick or treating that night and we heard it was a madhouse (too many people and the mall ran out of candy in minutes).  We dressed you up and took you over to the neighbors house for a few minutes.  Luckily, you're too young to notice!
  • Your next doctor's appointment isn't until after Christmas, so we will have a weight and height check-in then. 
Update: As I was writing this post, you rolled over onto your belly and have stayed sleeping...so far.  You usually sleep on your side.  When you first learned how to roll over, there was about a week where every night you would roll onto your belly and immediately wake up and cry until daddy came in and rolled you back over.   After that week, you never rolled onto your belly in your sleep again, until tonight.