Thursday, December 30, 2010

25 Weeks

 Taken at 25 weeks 2 days

How Far along: 25 Weeks 3 Days

Weight gain: 23 pounds as of my last appointment

Maternity Clothes?: Yes!  Although I did fit into my pre-preg stretchy skinny jeans today!  WOOHOO!

Stretch Marks?: Nothing yet

Sleep?: Damn near impossible since last week.  I had such bad acid indigestion on Christmas Eve, I think I slept about an hour that night.  Otherwise, I just wake up continuously throughout the night lately.  However, I think it's more because of my racing mind then anything else. 

Best Moment this week?: Snow day Monday and taking today and tomorrow as vacation days!

Movement?: Yes! 

Food Craving?: Nothing in particular 

Gender?: Boy!

Labor Signs: Nope

What I miss?:  Not feeling crazy!

What I'm looking forward to?: Looking at baby furniture this weekend!

Emotions: Out of control the last couple of days.  Generally, I have become much less emotional then I ever was and NEVER cried.  However, the last couple days, I felt like I couldn't control the tears.  I'm hoping it was a fluke!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Catching Up

It's been awhile...with the holidays fast approaching, we've been pretty busy.  Here are the belly pics from the last few weeks:

 22 Weeks (Sorry for the ugly bathroom pic!)

 23 Weeks

And, finally, 24 weeks!  

I can't believe I only have 16 weeks left!  Baby B seems to be growing at a rapid pace lately.  

How Far along: 23 Weeks 1 Day

Weight gain: 23 pounds
Maternity Clothes?: Yes!  I could probably still wear a couple pairs of pants, but the maternity pants are SO much more comfortable!  I still have a few pre-preg shirts I can pull off, including several cardigans.

Stretch Marks?: No, thank god!

Sleep?: Getting a bit more difficult.  I tend to wake up when I roll over.  Baby B's kicks are also getting a bit stronger, so if he starts moving at night, it will generally wake me up.  Although, he seems to sleep through the night right now (knock on wood).

Best Moment this week?: Get to see my dad and sisters for the first time in awhile!

Movement?: Yep!

Food Craving?: Nothing in particular. 

Gender?: Boy!

Labor Signs: Nope

What I miss?:  Being able to bend over and put on my socks without grunting!

What I'm looking forward to?: Christmas!!
Emotions: Frazzled

We had another ultrasound a couple weeks ago, so the doctor could get a better view of Baby B's spine  heart and mouth.  Here's the new pics:

Over the past several months, we've received quit a few gifts from people for the baby.  A couple weeks ago, one of my friends, Tara, sent us a beautiful diaper cake!  It looked awesome, but we couldn't wait to tear it apart and see what was inside:

 They made the whole living room smell like baby powder!

I can't believe I'll be 6 months along in just a couple of weeks.  I feel like nothing is ready.  We've been having some difficulty getting the basement finished, between permits from the city and contractor vacation schedules.  Our goal is to have everything finished and ready for the baby, including the basement by the beginning of March.  

So far, we've moved Scott's office out of the nursery and into our bedroom.  Once the holidays are over, we plan to give the bed frame to Scott's brother, Alan, and his wife, Michelle.  Once we do that, we'll just have to move a few more things into our bedroom to get started on the nursery.  

The hard part is going to be when they start work on the basement.  All the things being stored down there, including about 15 boxes of books and 5 packed DVD towers will need to be stored in our bedroom until they are done.  It will be a war zone, but hopefully, it won't take more than 2-3 weeks for them to finish up down there.
And I finally finished up our registry at Babies R' Us, although I'm sure I'll be adding a few things here and there when I realize how much I forgot we needed!

Wish us luck!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

21 Weeks and Thanksgiving in Ohio

I think I have definitely grown the most over this past week and a half:

Taken today, so about 3 days late

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Ohio visiting Scott's family.  The ride wasn't too bad, but after about the ninth hour, I couldn't sit still anymore.  It was really great to see everyone though.  

Here's some pictures from the trip, including a trip to the zoo and Friendsgiving at Dan and Nicole's:

 Alan licking the leftover food in his moustache (just kidding!)

 Staring contest with the piranha

The girl's gingerbread house (winners!)

 The boys and their gingerbread seedy hotel

 Making Grayson laugh 

 Uncle Alan and Grayson

 The sisters!

 The beautiful new family!

Scott creeping out Grayson by touching the back of his neck

Sorry the photo intensive post, but who doesn't like photos?!?  

We have another ultrasound tomorrow since the little one refused to show all his parts at the last one.  Hopefully we'll get a money shot on this one!