Wednesday, February 16, 2011

32 Weeks

(Pictures taken at 32 Weeks, 1 Day)

Something a little different this time...Scott decided to get a little picture happy while I was packing out breakfasts/lunches for the day.  And thank you to my wonderful husband who let me leave the house looking like a pregnant Freddy Kruger that day!  
How Far along: 32 Weeks 2 Day

Weight gain: About 38 lbs.  I went to the doctor tonight and have gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks!  Ugh! I'm hoping it's because my appointment was after work today, when usually it's first thing in the morning

Maternity Clothes?: O yes.

Stretch Marks?: Nope.

Sleep?: Very good this week...I generally have been passing out mid-sentence once I get into bed and sleep until the alarm goes off, so I can't complain!

Best Moment this week?: Listening to/watching Scott read bedtime stories to Baby B (or, rather, to my belly). 

Movement?: All the time...he gave a huge kick to the doctor when she put the doppler down on my belly.  I swear, he knows when that thing is coming.  He kicks it every time.

Food Craving?: Chocolate!

Gender?: Boy!

Labor Signs: No thank you!

What I miss?:  Wearing my wedding/engagement rings.  I could probably still wear them, but occasionally my fingers will swell just enough that it's really difficult to get them off at night, so i haven't worn them in a few days.  I may go pick up a super cheap fake set...I have a really hard time being without my rings.

What I'm looking forward to?: The basement getting finished!  They started construction yesterday and already have almost the whole basement framed out.  Then it's on to electrical and plumbing!

Emotions: Not bad...although I have been told that I interrogate everyone...I need to ask a million questions about everything.  Strange...

Other Happenings:  Lots of updates this week...

First, we received a few baby items last week!  Scott's Mom and Dad bought us a beautiful glider for the nursery.  It matches perfectly with the furniture we got.  Can't wait to rock the baby to sleep in it!

We also received our Pack N' Play!  Thank you Gary, Shelli, Kai and Kori!!  Scott was adamant that we set it up in the living room so that he can look at it every day...LOL! Adorable!  Here are some pictures:

We went to DC this past weekend for what looks like is our last weekend away before Baby B arrives.  Unfortunately, we were only down there for one night, but we got to visit with my good friend and college roommate, as well as go to the new Henry Rollins spoken word show.  

I love DC....definitely one of my favorite places to be.  And I love walking the city.  Unfortunately, after about 4-5 miles of walking on Saturday, I could barely walk anymore.  Looks like my newly distributed weight causes me to walk more on the outsides of my feet, which led to my pulling a ligament in my right foot.  It's taken a bit longer to heal then I thought, but it's getting there!  

Here are some pics from the weekend...we never seem to get any pictures together!

This weekend's project is to buy the curtains for the nursery and start ordering the wall decor/decorations!  Updates and pics to follow...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

31 Weeks

(Picture taken at 31 Weeks)
How Far along: 31 Weeks 1 Day

Weight gain: About 34 lbs (I gained 4 pounds as of my last appointment).
Maternity Clothes?: Almost exclusively.  However, as some of you know, I have an extraordinarily long torso (with short stubby legs).  Unfortunately, that means a lot of my maternity shirts, especially my tank tops, are already too short on me.  On the plus side, that means I haven't experienced the elusive rib shots (yet).

Stretch Marks?: Nope, but I keep thinking I see them and having Scott look to confirm whether or not I do.  I think it's more that my skin is very pale, so the ridiculous amounts of blue veins running through my belly are distracting me! 

Sleep?: Pretty good.  I've started waking up about once a night on most nights to use the bathroom, but I'm not complaining.  It could be worse!

Best Moment this week?: A few things this week.  First, Scott came home from his business trip Friday night! 

I also had a doctor's appointment on Friday...the first one where I actually left comfortable.  I had a great nurse, who was very careful not to tell me my actual weight (unlike ALL the others), and just told me the amount I gained since the last appointment.  I gained 4 pounds, so just over a pound a week since my last appointment.  I mentioned to her that I just couldn't seem to slow the weight gain down at all, no matter how healthy I ate.  She said first time mom's usually gain more then the recommended 25-35 lbs and that she gained 65 lbs with her first and lost it all within 6 months.  She also said that it seems like I was carrying all the weight in my belly, so there was nothing to worry about. 

I think the last doctor I saw (who lectured me about my weight gain) made a notation in my file because my doctor also brought up the subject when she came in.  She said that she is not concerned with my weight gain at all and that I could stand to gain a bit more than the recommended average of 25-35 lbs.  She also said everything is measuring right on schedule! 

AND, yesterday, three of the women in my office surprised me with this gift on my chair!  So nice of them!! 

Movement?: ALL THE TIME...and I love it!! 

Food Craving?: Nothing in particular...although, I have been addicted to pretzels lately.

Gender?: Boy!

Labor Signs: No thank you!

What I miss?:  I can't think of anything right now actually.
What I'm looking forward to?: Our trip to DC this weekend!  Scott and I decided to head down to DC for Henry Rollins' new spoken word show...taped National Geographic...only 300 people.  The show isn't until Sunday night, so Monday should be LOTS of fun, but so worth it.

Also, construction should be starting on the basement next week.  It's been delayed two weeks so far due to the weather and I'm starting to get anxious that it won't be done in time, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
Emotions: Pretty even actually.  Although, I've noticed I get anxious a little more easily then normal when I start thinking of all the things left on my to-do list.  I'm hoping to knock a good amount of them off by the end of next week.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

3d Ultrasound!!

On Sunday, we went to have a 3d/4d ultrasound done.  The general consensus was that we weren't sure it was worth it.  I'm sure most of you know it's not something that's covered by insurance, but we really wanted to see the baby again (preferably before Scott left for his trip) and we weren't sure whether we would be getting another ultrasound at the doctor.

The baby wasn't exactly cooperative, but we did get a few good shots.  I was shocked to see that he was breached right now...I was convinced for weeks that he was already in position.  Funniest part was that he was basically folded in half...with his legs hyperextended in front of him and his feet in his face!  

I, honestly, think most of my complaints are with the technician we had.  She didn't seem to even try for different angles and continuously kept shaking my belly to get him to move, even after I told her he will only move when I am very still.  But it was  good experience nonetheless!  And she did try for nearly an hour, even though we only paid for the 10 minute session!

We definitely think he looks like Scott!  At the very least, he has Scott's nose!
So without further adieu...

It's's a boy!!

 He has hair (very unlike me, who was bald until I was two)!

30 Weeks

How Far along: 30 Weeks 1 Day (picture taken at 30 weeks)

Weight gain: We'll see on Friday what the new number is.

Maternity Clothes?: Almost exclusively.

Stretch Marks?: Still nothing!

Sleep?: Can't complain.  I've started getting up, usually, about once a night to use the bathroom, but otherwise sleep through the night.

Best Moment this week?: Chair rail is officially caulked and painted, room has been cleaned, and the furniture has been put in its rightful place!  Now just to decorate. 

Movement?: Getting more and more active with every passing day and I LOVE it!!  Several times a day I look down to see my belly looking very lopsided...guess that means he's having fun rolling around in there!

Food Craving?: Nothing in particular. 

Gender?: Boy!

Labor Signs: I'm happy to wait at least 6 more weeks for that!

What I miss?:  MY HUSBAND!!  Scott left about 3am this morning for his business trip in Miami. or the rest of the week.  So excited for him!  But definitely had no idea I would miss him this much.  Part of it is probably that the weather caused me to work from home today, which made the time crawl.  I'm really hoping the weather holds off so I can go into the office tomorrow to pass the time.

I am also starting to look a bit puffy in the face I think...BOO!!

What I'm looking forward to?: Friday night when Scott gets back.

Emotions: I felt a bit irritable over the weekend, but it passed. 

Nursery Update

The nursery is really coming together and, I have to say, it looks FAB!  Let me explain...Scott is amazing when it comes to colors and design.  Me, on the other hand, have a very hard time envisioning things in my head before they are complete.  This led to my incessant nagging about the colors he picked out and whether the natural wood furniture was going to look right once it was all put together.  But I definitely had NOTHING to worry you can see...

Can't wait to start decorating!!