Tuesday, January 17, 2012

10 months

This kid...

...always makes me smile...
and is getting increasingly difficult to photograph!

More pictures...really Ma??!!

My favorite this month

Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz (just under 50th percentile)
Height: 28 in (just under 50th percentile)

  • In the last week, you've started crawling (where you used to roll and scoot everywhere) and started taking steps while holding onto our hands (you can now do laps around the room like this).
  • You learned to clap.
  • You have started saying what I think is "yah" all the time now.
  • I think you've started dreaming...you seem to talk in your sleep sometimes now.
  • You LOVE riding on Daddy's shoulders.
  • You have 4 teeth coming in, the first of which finally cut about a week and a half ago.
  • You reached your highest temperature (and 3rd ear infection in 2 months) a couple weeks ago. 
  • You now feed yourself puffs and small bits of food (i.e., banana, soft cooked carrot).
  • You WANT to feed yourself everything and will sometimes get so irate that we don't give you the spoon that you will refuse to finish your dinner.
  • This past week, you have HATED going to bed, even though your exhausted.
  • You have also started hitting and throwing little tantrums when you want/don't want something...and we must find a way to break you of these things ASAP!
  • The last couple days, you have started a new trend of screaming bloody murder when I lay you on the changing table.  You then proceed to lock your legs straight, lift your whole lower body and try and roll off the dresser.  
  • You are FINALLY getting Christened this weekend!
  • We are in the midst of planning your first birthday party...I still can't believe you're almost a year old.
  • You no longer nurse, but are still taking breastmilk in a bottle 4 times a day, which means Mommy is 2 months away from no longer being tethered to the pump!  It has all been worth it, but I long for the day when I don't have to schedule my hours around the pump.  I've reduced to 4 times a day and intend to go down to 3 times a day by next week (in preparation for my trip to the Superbowl!).
And one last thing...you love your Uncle Matt and Aunt Kate!  They came over to watch you so Mommy could go for a much needed massage this weekend...

Play Dates!

Felix (and Mommy) had his first play date just after we returned from Ohio.  We got together one afternoon with Kate, Sara and Lexi.  We need more of these!

Starting off a bit timid...

Here, let me show you how this works...

Yay, toys!!



Mom, give me my pants!

Working on his truck...

Christmas in Ohio

**WARNING: Picture intensive post**

I know Christmas is most definitely off of everyone's radar already, but I wanted to give a recap and post some incredibly adorable pictures from our trip.  As you know, we spent Christmas 2011 in Ohio with (most of) Scott's immediate family.  It was so nice to see everyone and I loved seeing Felix and Grayson interact.  I think by March when we see them agaoin (hopefully) the age difference will be even less apparent.  

By the time we got to Christmas Day, Felix was a pro at opening gifts...or eating the wrapping/tissue paper.  Scott and I limited our gift giving to each other to stockings this year, since we decided to purchase our new desks for the home office as our big gift to each other.  It worked out perfectly.  We've both decided that our money would be better spent buying something "house" related on holidays/birthdays, since neither one of us really needs anything big at this point.

Let's talk about driving...we decided to leave in the middle of the night to drive to/from Ohio, which worked perfectly for us.  We times it so that our first gas/bathroom/breakfast stop was right about sunrise when Felix would be waking up for the day.  Surprisingly, we were able to keep our stops to no more then about 1.5 hours each way.  Our saving grace...a headrest holder for the IPad and a ton of toys in the back seat.  We have a child that gets bored very quickly at time, so we had enough stimulation to switch things out every 10-15 minutes.  We'll see how he handles the next big trip!

Without further adieu, here are some holiday memories from Christmas 2011...

Hanging out with Uncle Dan


Trying out Uncle Scott's boots

Birthday suit fun!


Christmas morning

 Felix's big gift from Mom and Dad this year (FYI...no need to lug the big gifts that take up half the trunk!)

Hanging out with Daddy

He looks thrilled!

The boys with Grandma and Pepere

Felix trying to head back to his cousin on the trip home...

I'll leave you with a video of Felix having fun with Grayson's new drum set...