Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Grayson,

What up Cuz?!  How's everything over in O-H-I-O?  You running Grandma and Pepere in circles yet?   Man I wish I could run... so far I've only got that sitting thing down.  Not doing much for my figure though.  Dad says I'm starting to get a bus driver butt.  Whatever.  Every time he talks smack I just blow out my diaper and smile at him.  He'll learn to keep his opinions to himself eventually.

So these threads you sent me are bang-bus!  I was like, Dinosaur? Heck yeah!  Let me crawl up inside those and get my roar on!  Oh, and the kicks?  SO SWEEEEEET.  They're just kind of decoration for me right now, I plan on driving mom INSANE soon by wearing them all over the house.  Check me out, I got Pics below!

Thanks for everything man, I really appreciate it.  Can't wait to hang at Christmas.  Felix Out!